Ryan Air steals a march on rivals by launching its own pre paid Mastercardrivals

Ryanair lanched its own prepaid Mastercard on the 12th of September, if you remember in one of our previous posts we recommended using one of these cards to waive credit card charges, Ryanair as always is best at  innovation and they have launched their own card to tap this market, it’s managed by Access Prepaid Worldwide and is launching on the 04th of October 2011.  The card purchase fee of £6 will be reimbursed to Ryanair passengers since each cardholder will receive a £6 Ryanair travel voucher. There will be no admin fees on any Ryanair bookings.   No transaction fees will be levied on cardholders for any payments made on the Ryanair.com website.  As a special introductory offer for all Ryanair cardholders, there will be no transaction fees on any UK purchases until 31st March 2012. The Ryanair Cash Passport offers a convenient and secure way to carry money abroad, make purchases and make ATM withdrawals.  Free card top-ups can be made at www.cashpassport.com/ryanair.

But consumer bodies have raised issues on pre-paid cards as they have no consumer protection if the provider goes bust, please see link


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