Another Carnival brand is affected by bad news

I saw a BBC reporter on TV last week reporting regarding allegations of sexual abuse of a child by a Cunard employee; she was standing outside the Carnival office making the report.  Although the lead story was about the Costa Concordia cruise ship that crashed off the Italian coast leaving at least 16 people dead and 19 missing.   This reporter did not make the link between Cunard and Costa Concordia e.g. that link being Carnival.  Typical lazy reporting from a young green …

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AirAsia X blames APD for decision to cancel Gatwick Service

AirAsia X  the Malaysian airline is to withdraw its services from London Gatwick and Paris to Kuala Lumpur at the end of March. CEO Azran Osman-Rani said the decision was down to continued high fuel prices, weakening demand and “exorbitant government taxes”. “The implementation of the Emissions Trading Scheme and the escalating Air Passenger Duty taxes in UK, which will rise yet again in April 2012, has forced our decision to withdraw our services to Europe,” he said. Gatwick Airport …

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Thomas Cook Flight Crew to strike?

Thomas Cook Airlines cabin crew have decided to strike after redundacies were announced.  They  voted in favour of industrial action over 498 job losses. In a consultative ballot, the members of the Unite union decided to take industrial action over the  redundancy plans. This followed a break-down in talks with the company’s management over its refusal to improve the redundancy terms.  At the moment, Thomas Cook Group are offering two weeks per year redundancy pay. Unite is demanding a minimum of …

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BAA to sell airport – good news story

At last BAA has been forced to announce it is to sell one of its Scottish airports, Edinburgh Airport will be sold following the Competition Commission’s order that it must dispose of one of its Scottish hubs.   The airports operator announced today that it had decided to keep Glasgow and sell-off Edinburgh, Edinburgh the largest Scottish airport measured by passenger numbers. It’s good news for Edinburgh residents but not Glasgow. As you know I have been a critic of BAA for …

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Mobile Phones & Internet access on planes is not wanted

In a surprising survey less than 5% of passengers want in-flight mobile and internet access according to a survey by a leading flight search engine, The survey, which asked over 1300 frequent travellers, found that more than 30% of travellers would actually be put off airlines offering these services. Amongst objections raised included disturbance from people talking on phones and interruptions from emails and social networking sites while travelling. Meanwhile, 62% of travellers are still concerned about the safety risks …

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Fear of flying courses, flying phobia

If you have a fear of flying and find the idea of jetting away as an in surmountable challenge, then there is a solution to your problem. Virgin operate courses and will take you on an aircraft, give pre flight support and actually fly you on a aircraft with in-flight support courses are not cheap at £249, but if it solves a problem which can cause such, distress and partnership problems.    Please see link  

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London St Pancras to Germany High speed rail service announced by DeutscheBahn

After a successful test run, German rail operator DeutscheBahn (DB) plans to start a full inter-continental service in 2013 through the Channel Tunnel from the Eurostar terminal at London St Pancras.   Brussels will be used as the connecting point, high-speed services will be provided to Amsterdam & Rotterdam and also Frankfurt & Cologne. The chairman of the DeutscheBahn (DB) Management Board, Dr Rutiger Grube, said, “By making full use of the opportunities afforded by the liberalisation of the European rail …

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Ryan Air steals a march on rivals by launching its own pre paid Mastercardrivals

Ryanair lanched its own prepaid Mastercard on the 12th of September, if you remember in one of our previous posts we recommended using one of these cards to waive credit card charges, Ryanair as always is best at  innovation and they have launched their own card to tap this market, it’s managed by Access Prepaid Worldwide and is launching on the 04th of October 2011.  The card purchase fee of £6 will be reimbursed to Ryanair passengers since each cardholder …

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Gem of a budget hotel in London

I came across this hotel chain in London (Tune Hotels), they originate from Malaysia, it’s a good budget hotel and they charge only £65.00 per night for a double in London which is fantastic value, please go to this link, they are close to Waterloo and just across Westminster Bridge

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Londons New Airport that already exists but everyone is ignoring,

Manston Airport in Kent (Kent International) has one of the best runways in the UK, its 7 miles from the coast and the local district Council is in favour of it developing as a major passenger airport, its only 16 miles from the High Speed rail link and is already operating as an airport, so why is the Coalition Government ignoring this vital bit of infrastructure that could take the pressure off Heathrow, Gatwick & Stansted  

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