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Worlds Safest Airlines – Official figures from ATRA

The Swiss Based (ATRA) has published a list of the World’s safest airlines. The safest airlines in Europe are British Airways, Air France/KLM, & Lufthansa, the Safest in the US are American & American Eagle, Continental, Delta, No Frills airline Southwest, United and US Airways. The Australian Airline Qantas failed to make it to the top ten due to the incidents relating to the A380 incident, the only airline outside Europe & the US was Japan Airlines. ATRA used available …

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Travelling without travel insurance

If you are a UK resident, you can be  entitled to medical treatment that may  become necessary under the reciprical health arrangements agreements ,  This health care can be free or at reduced cost if visiting a EU country or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Only certain treatments are provided under the  scheme, but to obtain treatment you will need to take a European Health Ins Card (EHIC) with you.  Please note: Not all UK residents are covered in Denmark, Iceland, …

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Chase the winter sun, where to go

It’s always great to travel away to the sun in the winter, if you are on a tight budget, then the Canaries is the answer, it’s low cost, 4 hours away and tax free, so cheap drinks and tobacco.  Best place to search for seats is,  I find prices for flights at about £82 (incredable price for 8.5 hours of flying) and for accommodation beds I would suggest I found a 1 bedroom apartment for £126. Egypt is a …

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Cut Overseas Call Costs, using ordinary phone

How it works, lets say your friend lives in Boston and you live in the UK, simply give Skype your friends number in Boston and Skype will convert it to a unique Skype to go telephone number whick has a London area code, then all you need to do is call from your mobile or landline to that number to connect straight awat to your friend in Boston at Skype’s low rates.  Skype to go is available for 20 countries,  …

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Short Break – where should I go

If you live in the South of England, then why not try Calais, there a number of economic hotels in town and the restaurants are great, I would suggest staying at the Hotel Meurice, it’s a 3 star hotel in a central quiet position.  I searched for Saturday the 01st of October 2011 and the cost for a Twin/Double was £68.23 through   The ferry can be booked for £40 return,   through Aferry but prices do fluctuate and …

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What is Dynamic Packaging?

Over the last ten years the concept of Dynamic Packaging has fully established itself in the offerings from the UK travel industry, what is it?  Well you know what a package holiday is, a supplier builds a package of flight, accommodation and transfers and if there is a flight element to do this they need a licence from the Civil Aviation Authority ( ATOL). What’s Dynamic packaging?  it’s where a travel agency will source the individual components of a package …

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City Break Comparrison – intresting facts

There is a study on Citybreaks. Which is very interesting, I have copied it below for your comparison along with a league table in the photo. Lessons are that London is getting cheaper and cheaper in comparison . The authoritative International Price Comparison annual report compares the average retail price of 26 of the world’s most popular consumer goods in 33 countries. The latest findings provide the most tangible evidence yet that retail prices in the UK have significantly dropped. …

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Britains little known airports

I always find it surprising that people are not aware of some of our regional airports, when I speak to people in London they do not think outside the box and only consider Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted as options, where as someone in South West London can get to Southampton by rail or road within an hour or just over, or Bournemouth takes an additional 20 mins. But the advantage once you are there is a revelation; you can navigate …

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Foreign No frill Airlines you may not have heard of

There are many Foreign No frills that the average citizen has never heard of, so if you are planning to travel then try the following links Going to Iceland or North America then try Icelandic Express Scandinavia then try Cimber Air (Sterling) or Norwegian, Romania try Blueair, Turkey try Onur Air or Pegasus, Greece try Aegean or Torair , Switzland then try Helvetic, or Spain try vueling, Poland or East Europe then try Wizz Air, there are many more, but …

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Is it safe to travel to London at the moment with the riots

The media has overplayed the riots, yes their are problems in certain areas, but i travelled in through Croydon this morning and it was very quiet, just keep away from certain areas and you are fine, also I think you will see a real crackdown tonight and law and order will be re-established

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